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dimanche, 24 septembre, 2023


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Mali : “Les héritiers de la colline”, le documentaire qui dépeint les réalités à l’université de Bamako

Ousmane Samassékou’s first feature film, The heirs of the hill, was in a competition in the Panafrican Film and Television Festival in Ouagadoudou (FESPACO 2017).

In this film, the director denounces the politics of the student union, the settlements and acts of violence at the University of Bamako where he lost a loved one.

“I had lost my best friend during a confrontation between students and security forces.” She was a bullet in the chest, she shocked me so much.

It intends to combat the evils which undermine the university by projections in the establishments of the Malian capital.

“The first fight is to show the film to students, students and parents. There will be massive programming and screening in the different schools of Bamako,” adds the director.

To make this feature, Ousmane Samassekou better known as Jérôme had to convince and reassure his producer.

“When I was a little reluctant, I was a little reluctant.” I was a student, I found the question of violence a bit dangerous, because it was a film that could not be done without immersion. Between the director and me, “said the producer, André Diarra.dangerous, because it was a film that could not be done without immersion.

The documentary is programmed in other festivals outside of FESPACO. Ousmane Samassékou is currently preparing a series, two short movies and two feature films.