Mali : a policeman lynched by the population after altercation with a road user

In Bamako, on Thursday, August 10, in the ACI 2000 neighborhood, a Malian police sergeant was violently beaten by the public after an altercation with road users. To escape, according to the Ministry of Security, the officer had to use his weapon.

The events took place on Thursday at 9 am. A young man, Demba Dembélé, and his aunt are in traffic when the agent tried to get the telephone contact from the latter. Testimonies collected by the Ministry of Security explain that “faced with the refusal of the lady,” the sergeant “overwhelms her with rude insults”.

The exchanges degenerated and the crowd quickly converged on the scene of the incident. “To escape from a potential lynching, Sergeant Aboubacar Konaté quickly emerged from the crowd by firing shots that wounded the young Demba Demba”, said the General Directorate of the police in a statement. The sergeant also knocked out a 38-year-old man who tried to arrest him in his escape. In particular, he inflicted a “pistol whip” on the head.

But the crowd managed to lay hands on the policeman and “violently beat him”. He is reportedly in a coma at the emergency room in a hospital in Bamako.

Also hit “on the flank, left arm and chest“, the young Demba is also receiving care. An investigation is opened by the police station of the 14th district.