Mali: in Gao, residents denounce nuisance caused during destructions of ammunition by Barkhane

Hundreds of people protested in Gao on Thursday, November 30, against the increase in insecurity in the city, the nuisance caused during destructions of ammunition by soldiers of Operation Barkhane. The protesters also denounced the situation of migrants in Libya.

The residents of Gao mobilized themselves at the call of the Communal Council of Youth, the Coordination of Women’s Associations and Women’s NGOs of Mali and other civil society movements. “The people of Gao are indignant at the abduction of vehicles and detonations of Barkhane”; “Gao commits itself against the trafficking of migrants in Libya”; we could read on the various banners of the protestors.

Faced with the increase of insecurity, the residents are demaning “the presence and enhancement of mixed patrols” in the city and on the roads as well as the acceleration of the disarmament process.

They also denounce “the endless detonations, uncontrolled in the outskirts of the city. These detonations, according to the spokesman of the protestors “constitute a real public health problem”. Therefore, they “demand the systematic cessation of all forms of destruction of weapons or ammunition” by the Barkhane Force.

Where and under what conditions are the destructions made? A soldier from Operation Barkhane, reached by, says they “are made in fairly safe areas and out of town,” without giving more details.

The drop point of the march was on the governorate, where a declaration was given to the chief of the regional executive. The latter claims to have begun a series of consultations with the population, the civil society to find “appropriate solutions to the problems of insecurity, nuisance and all problems” that the people of Gao face.