Mali: the army kills a terrorist in the center

A mission of the Malian National Guard shot dead on Thursday night at around 10 pm, terrorist Békaye Sangaré, 40 kilometers west of Djenné (center), the army said on Friday.

According to the army, he was “the author of several attacks in the sector including those of the gendarmerie and customs posts of Benena a few days ago”.

On July 8, armed men had attacked the two posts in the Tominian circle (Ségou region) on the border with Burkina Faso at about 8.30 pm. “There are no casualties among the security forces”, the Ministry of Security said.

According to the army, Békaye Sangaré is also the author of the attack against the post of gendarmerie at the intersection of Djenné and the assassination of a soldier of the National Guard around Djenné last year.