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Sunday, December 04, 2022


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Aïr festival, a melting pot of culture in northern Niger

Launched in 2001 as a tourism appeal product, the Aïr festival took place this year in Iferouane, a town located in the extreme north of Niger.

Placed under the authority of Prime Minister Brigi Rafini, this year’s edition is an important part of the imzad, an old monochord, highly respected among the Tuaregs of northern Niger and threatened with perdition.

Aitock Mohamed, former minister and organizer of this festival explains: « the imzad is the sciatic nerve of Tuareg culture. It is a vector of moral values ​​that allow a harmonious life in society. Unfortunately, it is a tradition that is dying on a small scale due to lack of succession ».

Several delegations from the four corners of Niger took part. Algeria and Mali are also present in the various cultural competitions.

A presence welcomed by the Prime Minister of Niger: « you are at home here in Iferouane. The legendary city that welcomes us today is happy to count you among its sons. Be the ambassadors of the return of tourism in the northern part of this country ».

After three days of immersion in the fantastic countryside of the Nigerian desert, festival-goers have a pleasant memory. « I’m very happy to be here. I have seen marvels that I am not ready to forget », said, all happy, Denis, a Frenchman at the festival.

Ibrahim Manzo Diallo