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Mali – Bamako: some criminals arrested, weapons and motorcycles seized in Sabalibougou

A raid led by the Kalabancoro Police Station on Friday May 12, 2017 allowed the arrest of five offenders including gang leader, Madou Diarra alias “Madoukèmènani”. Stolen arms and motorcycles were seized in Sabalibougou, in commune V of the Bamako district.

Four months after an investigation into a case of illegal possession of weapons, motorcycle thefts, robbery (criminal association) by the Research Brigade of the Kalabancoro Police Station, which led to the arrest of several offenders in Sabalibougou, a Bamako popular neighborhood, the gang leader was finally arrested on Friday, May 12th. It’s therefore the logical follow-up of this investigation in which several people were cited: some were arrested, others are on the run. It was towards the east side of Sabalibougou that the police raid took place.

“Following information, he was located in Sabalibougou, in a house under construction. He was resting”, explains the police station. “He” is Madou Diarra, known as “Madoukèmènani”, leader of a gang of robbers, who has been on the run since last January after the arrest of some members of his gang, who nevertheless cited him.

“We surrounded the place. A team came inside. He was lying on the first floor and had his gun under the mattress. He was surprised and did not have time to retaliate. He climbed onto the roof and threw himself into the void. Our agents neutralized him “, says Aboubacar Traoré, head of the Research Brigade. On the spot, the police seized a semi-modern pistol loaded with nine cartridges. After a brief questioning, he cited Becaye Traoré, residing in Badalabougou Sema, as the owner of the weapon. The latter, questioned, denied the accusation that he would have profits on the crimes committed with the weapon. So, he cited the repairman, Nouhoum Konaté, who was buying and looking for dealers for the stolen motorcycles. The latter was also arrested. But the receiver of the stolen motorcycles, adds the Inspector who preferred to not mention his name for the needs of the investigation is still on the run.

On the same Friday, May 12, two other offenders were arrested in Sabalibougou for illegal possession of weapons. These are Hamidou Ouologuem and Badian Diallo. Their activities: the robbery of motorcycles. The police also found master keys on them. The first admitted to having stolen 6 motorcycles and the second 7 motorcycles. During the interrogation, the name of the same receiver emerged.

“Sabalibougou is a nest of robbers. It is an activity that is very popular with young people there, who almost all have weapons. But the investigation is continuing”, concluded the officer Traore, adding that the five people arrested will be brought before the public prosecutor’s office of Commune V. About twenty motorcycles have also been seized.
Boubacar Sangaré with Aminata Togola (Intern)

Translated by Mahaitou Ibrahim Maiga