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Saturday, March 02, 2024


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Mali: Columnist on social networks escapes assassination attempt

In Bamako, a young social network columnist, Marchal Madou or “Madou Ka Journal”, was the target of several firearm shots on Tuesday, July 25, around 1 am, while driving in his vehicle.

He is a columnist on social networks and regularly comments on Malian news in his way. He is also part of this generation, as well as Ras Bath, who says he wants to “shock to educate”. His videos where they feature “a news” reach 20,000 views on Facebook. The government is severely criticized.

On Tuesday, as he left Boulkassoumbougou in his vehicle, “Madou Ka journal” (the Madou newspaper in the Bambara language, his Facebook page name) was hit with at least one bullet. The shooter is still unknown.

“There are a lot of bullet holes on the car and the driver’s side window completely broken. He was hit in the chest,” said a witness who went to the hospital where the columnist is being treated. According to reliable sources, the columnist is still under care, but his life would not be in danger. This Tuesday at 11 am, several associations call to gather at the Pyramid of Souvenirs to support the columnist.