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Thursday, April 18, 2024


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Mali – Gao: abduction of a vehicle in the middle of town, the driver wounded

Two armed men abducted a vehicle in front of Gao’s referral health center (CSREF) on Wednesday August 30 after wounding the driver in the street.

The events provoked the anger of the residents. Around noon, two armed men pass in front of the CSREF of Gao. At the entrance, a vehicle that would belong to a non-governmental organization with the driver on board.

“They shot the man behind the wheel before fleeing with the vehicle,” says a witness from the scene. “They returned in the same vehicle to shoot at men in uniform near the area”, the same source added. A scene that has angered some young people who blame the men in uniform for “their passivity” and “carelessness” in the face of the safety of the populations.

In Gao, the security situation is still degrading despite the presence of thousands of Malian and international soldiers. Faced with the situation, the civil resistance movements have been organizing night patrols to secure the city for months. “We start at midnight and end at 5 o’clock. We do not see any Malian soldiers and peacekeepers in the streets”, says a patrolman.