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Sunday, December 04, 2022


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Timbuktu : a festival to celebrate “living together”

The third edition of the “Living Together” festival in Timbuktu will be held from February 8th to 12th. The announcement was made by the organizers in Bamako, on January 11th, at a press conference.

Placed under the mark of peace and reconciliation, this new edition of the festival which will take place in the City of the 333 saints will see the participation, for the first time, of the Guina Dogon association, Tabital Pulaaku and will pay a deserved tribute to the desert diva Khaira Arby.

For the organizers, it will strengthen cultural mixing and cultivate tolerance. This festival is a driving force for local development through, especially the exhibition of local products of the 6th administrative region of Mali, they underlined.

In addition to its festive aspect, this third edition will be an opportunity to discuss the current problems of the country, especially the insecurity in the center and the north of the country. “Today, we all know that the center suffers from cohesion, it suffers from all that we didn’t know before and it is the occasion to be in solidarity with this area of ​​the country”, says Salaha Maiga, president of the said festival. “This festival gives us the obligation to answer the thorny question: what to do to live together?” said Koïna Ag Ahmadou, governor of Timbuktu.

This youth initiative in Timbuktu is supported by the country’s authorities and the UN mission. “Living together was our creed, it must be so from now on”, said Elhadj Baba Haidara, sponsor of the event.