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Niger : The Tendé, a unifying instrument of nomadic peoples

Ancestral music and unifier of the nomadic peoples, the Tendé is played for entertainment but...

Niger – Agadez : «In four months of detention in Libya, five people have died before my eyes»

In Niger, since the adoption of the law against the smuggling of migrants in May...

Niger : no news of US humanitarian abducted a year ago

American humanitarian Jeff Woodke was abducted a year ago in Abalak, Tahoua region, by a...

Mali : Timbuktu manuscripts find new life in Bamako

Exfiltrated during the occupation of northern Mali in 2012 by the terrorists, the ancient manuscripts...

A meeting with the Malians of the diaspora who settle, invest and realize themselves

In Mali, migration is a very old practice. The number of Malians living abroad is...

Mali: Menaka strengthens its security against the various attacks in the region

The Menaka region, like the rest of the other regions of northern Mali faces an...