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Thursday, July 07, 2022


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Mali-Gao: after the theft of another MOC vehicle, the effectiveness of the disciplinary measures in question?

A vehicle from the Operational Coordination Mechanism (MOC) was stolen yesterday Tuesday in Gao. An umpteenth incident raising questions about the future of this Peace and Reconciliation Agreement instrument.

“This is the third vehicle stolen by the same elements of the MOC”, says an agent of the Operational Coordination Mechanism to the correspondent in Gao. On Tuesday, May 9, a military police vehicle was stolen after leaving the camp. According to the same element, the driver left the camp to go to the Regional Council where elements provided security. But at the rally, neither the vehicle nor the driver was there.

An event that raises questions about the effectiveness of the disciplinary measures taken a few weeks ago by the MOC officials to better supervise the fighters. According to an official of the MOC interviewed by, it is about the creation of a “military police” to keep an eye on the combatants’ actions, the provision of a toll-free number to the populations, reduction in the traffic and the express identification of the MOC vehicles and exemplary sanctions against the violators of the new rules. “It has nothing to do with the incidents that took place. In each military camp, there is such a police to watch over its good function”, had relativized the coordinator of the MOC , Colonel Rhissa Ag Sidi Mohamed, whom we could not reach.

Previously, there was the theft of a MOC vehicle and the arrest of two elements for attempted robbery in Gao. Other sources believe that this is the 4th vehicle theft and go far as to say that the culprits of these thefts would come from the ranks of the Azawad Movements Coordination (CMA).

Boubacar Sangaré